Friday, July 30, 2010

Halee's Trip

Halee is staying with us this weekend. It's the end of the summer and we were pretty lucky she was able to fit us into her schedule. She is one busy girl with camps, practices, Y Ball, Sho-Me Games, and whatever else she has going on. So, we were glad to have her stay before school starts back.

Anyway, tonight we went to the Yard House at the Legends and ate dinner. I've been there a million times but I'm always fascinated with the sheer volume of beer they have on tap there. I think she was pretty surprised too. She kept naming them off and the good thing was she couldn't pronounce most of them.....

Here are the girls at dinner. After we left there we went to Dave & Buster's. It was a ton of fun. Both Halee and Dustin are pretty competitive so they battled it out at most games. I think they both won about equally. Just don't ask who won at skee ball, I don't think either of them were happy to get beat by the cheerleader!

We really had a pretty good time there, I think Reese enjoyed watching everything going on too. We decided to finally have a little flexibility with her bedtime and she did great. I think all the lights and noise kept her pretty entertained.
So, the first night of Halee's trip here was a success. We'll see what tomorrow brings, but hopefully we have as much fun as we did tonight!

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