Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Home Visit

Tonight was one of our two home visits from Parents As Teachers.  I love this program because we have a great teacher who is obviously a very patient woman.  And we really think it is a bummer that we only get two visits per year but we try to make it to special events and evenings.

On this fine evening our teacher, Jennifer was scheduled to be here around 5:30.  I had Reese fed, the dogs outside, and the house somewhat cleaned up so I could impress her with my amazing ability to manage household duties.  I know realize I did this so that I could deter her from the rest of the s!@# I don't have together.

For example, Natty barked so loud and when I finally went out to yell at him (since I couldn't threaten him with a wooden spoon in front of company) he snuck by me, ran through the house and tackled poor Jennifer.  This was mild from the tail beating she took by the big, white dog, however.  Finally, I wrestled them into the bedroom and shut the door.  This worked for approximately 7 1/2 minutes when I thought Natty was going to beat the door down.  I then tried to sneak them out the bedroom door but as soon as I shut the door Reese freaked out about being left in the living room with a stranger.

Now one would think that because the dogs were so wild that a certain daughter might rise to the occassion or having company.  This in fact, is not true.  She immediately dumped Jennifer's toys all over the living room.  She threw toys, tried to climb the couch and then the best part, she sat between us and tooted the whole time.  I almost puked trying to hold in my laughter. 

Overall, it wasn't a bad evening.  I got a lot of really great ideas from her and I felt like we were really productive.  I felt sorry for her for being conned into the crazy house with the crazy dogs and the farting kid but she took it in stride.  That's our last visit this year unfortunately so hopefully someone, somewhere will be ready for us next year! 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A New Toy

My parents came to visit this weekend.  My mom uses a walker and all day Reese had her eye on it.  She really wanted to get her hands on it.  She eventually found her way over to my mom, played a quick game of peekaboo and then eased her way around to get the wheels rolling.  She drove all over our living room with her new toy and we all got a huge kick out of it.  She is one funny little stinker, that's for sure!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Date Night

I found this video about Date Night on another blog I read.  It's about a mom and dad who are going on a date night for Valentine's Day.  The poor mother has run across hell and back to get everything just right for a sitter.  She has had a few sitters cancel on her and she is a frazzled mess.  She hasn't even had time for a shower for the date night.  At the end the mom says she just wants to go to bed and her husband replies, "bow chicka bow wow." 

The husband is my husband.  As much as I love him, he doesn't really know what it takes to keep the house going around here.  I can be cooking dinner and emptying the dishwasher and entertaining a baby and he is in the living room chilling out in front of Seinfeld asking if I want any boom boom later.  What is he thinking?  Well, obviously he isn't thinking.

I had to laugh for the poor mother.  She fought tooth and nail for a babysitter but all she wanted to do was go to bed.  I get it.  A night with friends is great.  A date night dinner is amazing.  A night to watch movies in your sweat pants is heaven.  So for all you mamas out there like me who want to strangle your husband when he thinks sitting in front of the TV while you get the kid(s) in a good place for a once in a blue moon babysitter watch the video.  You won't regret it!

And did I mention that this video is part of a contest?  The more views the better for the girl who created it at Mompetition!

Wordless Wednesday- A Blast from the Past

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day!

Just wanted to share my little love with you on Valentine's Day!

A Whole Lotta Steps

Reese took several steps tonight.  We couldn't believe it when she walked across the living room. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

And While We're on the Subject

One of the best parts about marriage is this: the inability to see your "fault."  Not the fault that you forget to pick up your laundry.  Or that you always burn dinner.  No those are not what I mean at all.

By the "fault" I mean that thing everyone has.  The thing no one sees in the mirror.  Being outrageously inconsiderate perhaps.  Or spending hours at a time talking about yourself when no one else cares. 

I am always looking for my fault.  What is it that I do that gets under people's skin?  I still don't know that answer, and maybe I'm never supposed to.  That's okay with me, it would probably embarrass me down to my shoes so I don't need to know. 

But the thing is, Dustin doesn't see it either.  I will occassionally ask him what it is that I do.  And he honestly has no idea.  It's the purest form of unconditional love aside from the love of a parent for a child.  To be blind to the biggest fault of your significant other shows that that person sees you as you see yourself.  My husband sees what's inside me and knows that whatever that thing is that I do doesn't matter in the slightest because he loves me and that fault is just something I can't help anyway.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Hubby

Dustin doesn't get a lot of air time on my blog.  Usually what comes to mind is something having to do with Reese.  And she is a star, but today she has to take the back seat to her daddy. 

Dustin has a million hobbies, really expensive hobbies.  Golf for one.  He could spend more on 1 day of golf then I spend in an entire month at the Gap.  Okay, maybe Old Navy, but you get the point.  He loves to play with my step dad and his friends and the driving range got him through many a boring summer day.  Hunting is another.  It seems cheap, sit in a tree and wait for a deer.  But when you price scent-locked boots, spray and clothes, not to mention cold-gear, and the guns and bows.  Well let's just say he could feed an army with that!  But he loves it and a lot of it is a one-time expense spread out over several years of accumulation.  And racing.  Racing, racing, racing.  Thank goodness we are over that a little.  Those weekends of racing were frightening and drunken.  That's all I have to say about that.

He is also a really good friend.  And he has a lot of them.  A lot of them that he likes to talk to on the phone.  Yep, you heard it here folks, Dustin loves to talk on the phone too.  But that's beside the point.  The point is he is a good friend.  He enjoys spending time with them and I know he misses them when we are in the city.  I know this because he is ready to jump ship as soon as we get home so he can see what Keith is up to.  Or Casey, or Clinton, or Stevie, or well, you get the point.

But most of all he is a good husband and a good father.  He loves his baby girl so much it hurts to breathe sometimes.  She has him completely wrapped around his finger.  And maybe so do I a little bit.  He would do anything for us.

I write this tonight because I know he is not having the best week ever.  He would rather be home and things seem to not go his way right now.  He has 1 or 2 or 10 things on the back of his mind keeping him from sleeping well and I just wanted him to know that we were thinking of him. 

Here's to our favorite Daddy ever!  We are so excited to see you!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Grocery List

Today, I must go to the grocery store.  I must.  Last night I ate nothing for dinner because I went to the cupboards and the cupboards were bare.  Reese did eat though, not to worry.

But anyway, I was making my list in my head last night and I decided I am sick of the same old stuff.  Spaghetti is too messy.  We eat a lot of canned green beans but I'm so tired of them! 

I decided to set a set menu.  Not the same food each week but a little inspiration at least. 
We will begin Meatless Monday, Tortilla Tuesday, White Meat Wednesday and Free Choice Thursday.  I thought this might help fuel my idea process.  We will see.

But in order to do that I need some ideas.  I need YOUR ideas.  What do you think of when you think of tortillas?  What stuff would you put in them?  Do you have a good meatless meal you like?  I could live on grilled cheese sandwiches but I would love some more ideas of some things for Reese and I to eat.  So, if you have a signature dish, or a few good meal starter ideas, let me know!  I'd love the extra help!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And the Saga Continues....

The saga of the war between the white dog and me.  As I may have mentioned before the dog has an issue.  He hates when his best good friend is gone; Daddy that is.  He gets so anxious that he cannot contain his fear and he just marks himself all over the house. 

But this is another problem entirely.  This problem has more to do with entitlement. 

He believes firmly that he is entitled to all food in this house.  I don't mean food Reese drops or the dog bowl kind of food but now he has broadened his horizons to counter tops.  Two incidents happened where I suspected he had taken food but I couldn't be certain but last night, well, he was caught.

Reese and I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday and I let them cool on wax paper on the counter top.  They were really soft so I just left them there instead of breaking them and putting them on a plate.  I assumed because I pushed them all the way back they would be fine.  Sure Miller had allegedly snatched a couple of things before but that was meat, these were oatmeal.  I was sure he wouldn't be interested.

I was wrong.

About 10:30 last night I heard a distinct sound of something hitting my cabinets and I popped up saying, "If that white dog stole my cookies......"  So my loving husband trudged into the kitchen looking for a fight.  What he found there makes me laugh out loud even now thinking about how it must've went down.  I suspect he heard Dustin coming so he quickly tried to "get into position" but he was still a little greedy.  He just couldn't get the wax paper back to it's rightful spot quick enough and he couldn't refrain from licking his lips of all the tasty goodness of the oatmeal cookies.  A scuffle ensued and quickly Miller came running through the bedroom, tail between his legs, knowing he was a bad boy.

We ended up with quite a dent in the cookies.  And I'd say Miller had a little bit of a pit in his gut because he ate a lot of butter.  Maybe the white dog learned a lesson about entitlement and how he doesn't have it.  Maybe he learned a lesson about not licking his lips like a gloating little pig.  And maybe I learned a lesson about putting food in air tight containers.  But either way, we all enjoyed a few oatmeal chocolate chip cookies last night.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time Lapse

Here's what the snow looked like at our house today.  This was a blast to make!  We started at 10:00 Tuesday morning and took a picture on the hour for 12 hours.  We also put a shampoo bottle on the table for perspective.  Reese and Miller really got into the action.  One or both were at each picture taking and they really loved watching the snow fall.  Be patient, it takes a little while to load.

A Cure for the Boredom Blues

Today was a day for boredom of epic proportions.  After about 6 snow days though, I finally got smart.  Yesterday as I left, I ran through the halls and begged, borrowed, and stole resources from anyone or anywhere I could find.  I went to Dollar General and bought a few things and we were set.  For today.  We have a whole new day tomorrow and it may get ugly. 

Just kidding, I have plenty to last us awhile.  We started off the day making play dough.  I found a great recipe for it on the internet.  My lovely assistant stirred (read: splashed) and threw ingredients in the bowl. 

We painted with pudding and some of it got in Reese's mouth.  It was one of the most hilarious things we've done.  We put her in front of the mirror before she took a bath and she screamed and screamed, I think she thought she'd been massacred!

We made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  And we finished our Valentine's Day cards! 

Our boredom blues were stifled for the day, and we are hoping tomorrow will bring a little relief to the snowed in feeling we have today.  Maybe a walk or a run around the back yard with the dogs will help.  Stay tuned for our Wordless Wednesday featuring our Pudding Paint and when the snow stops Dustin has a really cool time lapse picture of how much coverage we got!