Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 1: Clifford, Pool, Sleepover

Today started off great! Maggie and her friend, Dustin, Reese and I headed down to Crown Center to the Clifford Exhibit at Crown Center. Mostly it is just a Clifford-themed playground, but it was tons of fun. They climbed and played and posed for pictures. They colored pictures and "mailed" letters. Then we ate lunch at Fritz's, the train depot in Crown Center that delivers food by train to your table. We giggled and gabbed. Dustin just loved it! He he he....
Here's Mags being a goofball on top of Clifford's back.

And here she is in her cute conductor hat. I excluded her friend because I forgot to ask permission before blogging so I just thought better to be safe than sorry.

After lunch the girls went to the pool. We splashed and played but Baby Reese just couldn't hang for long so Maggie stayed and Reese and I headed home for nap time. When Reese woke up, I went to get Maggie and her friend for a sleepover at our house. So far tonight we've had a high heel fashion show, Wii play time, watched movies and had popcorn and now we are patiently waiting for the ice cream man to show up. Hopefully he will be here soon.

So, until tomorrow, when our next adventure begins...good night, I'm exhausted!

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