Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Bottomless Suitcase

We've been running a lot lately. A LOT. Living out of a suitcase really isn't always that much fun. And if you are me, you usually forget something. Heck, a couple of weekends ago we forgot our entire suitcase and had to go to the store and buy clean underoos.

In the past two weeks we have been home (Brookfield/Meadville), Columbia, back home, driven to our own home and then Brookfield/Meadville again this weekend. Seriously, it's a lot. Packing is a lot too. I pack so many of those little cups of baby food.... And let's just talk about phone chargers, baby sleep conditioning CDs, toys, books, swim suits, sunscreen, spoons, sippy cups, and bottle cleaning brushes. Who thinks about these things? Not me either.

Right now and I am thinking about trying to get my girl back into a semi-routine, knowing that we are just going to hit the road again on Friday, I am trying not to lose it thinking about the fact that my phone -with one bar left- is here and my charger is there. I am trying not to think about the fact that there are 5 days between now and Sunday but only 4 pairs of PJs for Reese, equaling another load of laundry. I am trying not to think about which toys have not overstayed their welcome in the rotation or of the massive amounts of baby food I'm going to have to get just to throw in the gigantic basket of random stuff Reese needs. And I am seriously not even going to go to that place in my mind that says, "what are you going to wear to this alumni weekend to cover up your baby weight that you still need to lose?"

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Lisa said...

ugh. I so know the feeling. We've been home one weekend out of the last 4. Gone the next two. I didn't realize that babies equaled constant travel...