Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farmer's Market

It is hot out there, I'm talking H-O-T hot. I mean sweaty before breakfast hot. But yet, we are off on an adventure to the Farmer's Market this morning. For one thing, I need to get out of this house and go farther than the library. For another, the corn is good and ready to be "put up" and since I don't have my own personal farmer to deliver it to me I'd like to go to the farmer. And no matter how hot it is, the Farmer's Market is pretty cool. I love all the fun stuff going on down there and it makes me want to buy stuff I normally wouldn't; like purple peppers. I don't know what I'll be buying today, other than corn, but I do know that it should be a fun morning and I'll be out of this house for a couple of hours at least.


We had a great trip downtown. We got a GREAT parking spot and really enjoyed walking around. Since we didn't go at the crack of dawn it was a little slower but still very crowded. I didn't mind so much though, Reese got a lot of smiles and lots of little kids came up and said hello. We bought some corn that was so big that I had to carry Reese in my arms and put the corn in the stroller. That is the LAST time I go alone because I am sore now, but lesson learned.... The live street music was great too. Here are a few pictures of our adventure. It was amazing to me to see all the beautiful vegetables and the people working their booths. Hot or not, I was glad we went.

These pictures are from my phone, hence the quality; but since I wanted to show what a fun morning we had I made it work.

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