Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekend with Maggie

Today is the first day of our weekend with Maggie! We are all super-excited to have her stay with us because we always have a great time. In years past, we have gone to the Gladstone Community Center's inside pool, we have been to Kaleidescope, Legoland, the Wizard of Oz Exhibit, Air Zone, The Crayola Cafe, Fritz's Train Station, and tons of other places. We have fun pictures we've made and taken and we have millions of fun memories that I know we won't soon forget.

So, you can imagine why we are so excited for our weekend together. This weekend we are hoping to go to the zoo, see the Clifford Exhibit at Crown Center, and to hit the pool. Plus maybe get in a little hanging out time with the baby! She just got here and already we are planning out our schedule. First on the long list of events is to write this blog. Maggie is a beautiful writer who loves to send letters and write special stories for the people she loves. This is right up her alley! She even wrote a note today, but she forgot to bring it. I can just imagine the next generation of J.K. Rowling right here in my living room.

As we go through our weekend, we won't forget to post pictures and share our stories, so tune in next time to hear all about Emily Elizabeth and her Big, Red Dog! Love, Maggie and Lindsay

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