Sunday, August 1, 2010

Yesterday we had a great day. We spent our morning eating pancakes and being lazy. Then we decided to load up and go to the pool. That was a lot of fun, Reese really liked splashing around with Dustin and Halee had a great time going down the slides and playing in the fountains.
We didn't really have any definite plans for Saturday night and some friends called and were going to Swagger, a restaurant that was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. They are really just a hole in the wall dive down in Waldo that is more of a bar than anything. Anyway, because of their small status they have been more than a little understaffed since the episode. They have been overrun with customers, for good reason, they have awesome food. But our poor waitress was drenched in sweat and they all looked like they had been running ragged for a long time. We also had to wait for a VERY long time for our food. But it was fantastic and we were glad we toughed it out.

But Halee does have to go home today. We are going to miss having her around. She's been a great extra pair of hands to have around and I think Dustin has loved having someone to swat with hangers and throw stuff at. Reese is going to miss Aunt Halee for sure because she thinks Halee is about the funniest person on earth. We had a great time this weekend, Halee, please come back and visit!!

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