Friday, June 24, 2011

The Rough Life of a Toddler

Being a toddler is rough.  Literally.  That poor dear is hard on everything, including herself.  She's really going through a stage right now where she hits things when she's feeling frustrated.  I hope it's a stage at least.  She has hit everything in sight this week, a kid on the playground, me, several inanimate objects but tonight was the kicker. 

Tonight, the dogs were eating, this is one of Reese's favorite things because it's one of her chores to feed them.  Then she makes sure no food flies around that they might miss.  But tonight Reese changed it up a little.  She grabbed a hold of Miller's tail and swung around by it.  She pulled and tugged so hard that when she broke free it knocked her to the ground with momentum.  He was so scared that he wouldn't even eat, but he didn't snap at her.  He probably wanted to though.

Next, she decided to take her frustration out on Natty.  I was cooking and I heard a couple of hits but I never dreamed that she was beating the dog to death.  I went in to check and he was hiding from her in the corner.  She had quite a timeout after that.

But what goes around comes around because the poor thing got the wrong end of a kitchen drawer tonight too.  She went face first into it and now will have quite the black eye.  That just nearly broke her heart, and ours.  Being a toddler can be hard, in more ways than one, for her and for those around her.  This too shall pass, I hope.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Angry Face

Reese has a new face.  It's called "The Angry Face."  As in "let me see your angry face."  She thinks it is hilarious.  So do I.  She's such a card.  Her angry face goes well with her new temper.  She's got a hot one that's for sure.  She's taken to hitting things if they hurt her.  For example, she fell down outside because she tripped on a rock.  When she got up she was mad and bent down to hit it.  She hit our front door and she slapped someone at Dustin's class reunion because he knocked her down by accident.  She is quickly learning what time out is and what my "Angry Face" looks like. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was a girl who slept til 9.  I took naps and stayed up late and probably drank too much.  I had lunch with friends and dinner after 6.  I sat on my rear once in awhile and watched the Food Network.  I painted my toenails and got haircuts on a regular basis.  I packed a light suitcase with no more than necessary.  I drove with both hands on the wheel and never worried about the timing of a drive.  I emptied the dishwasher at whatever time I pleased, mindlessly banging plates and bowls as loud as I cared.  Oh, once upon a time....

And now, here in the present, I do some of those things, though, not as often.  I painted my toenails a few months ago, you can still make out a flake or two of polish.  I sneak a Food Network episode in during nap time if I like the chef who is on.  I wish I drank too much.

It's funny though how those without a little one would be horrified of the life I may lead.  Fearful of months of no booze or (gasp) diet Pepsi.  Shocked at the hour in which I wake each morning to play "get you" all day or to wear most of the yogurt eaten at breakfast.  I'm sure being home for bedtime at 8 is unfathomable.  To some.

But it's the quiet rewards that make it not just worth it but so heart fulfilling that no words could really describe it.  The peaceful look as she swings or the sheer joy of sliding down the slide alone could bring me to my knees.  Seeing her face light up with "Da Da" in sight or the grin spread across her face when she realizes we are at the park.  Hearing the sweet sound of "Ma Ma" and the soft pat on the back that accompanies the hugs are worth each 7 am showing.  Hearing her new words and watching her grow to not only recognize but love her whole family is just something that takes my breath away. 

Life changes so fast.  One minute you have all the time in the world, all the energy you could stand.  That sounds like a fairy tale, but then a little princess comes along and everyone lives happily ever after. 

Wordless Thursday

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Belated Wordless Wednesday


This has been a long week. We have been on the run and living out of suitcases for a couple of weeks, even longer for Dustin.  But we are home and settled right now so I'm happy for sweat pants and the comfort of cooking in my own kitchen.  I am also having some blogging withdrawals, I literally check my reading list every day and I really miss the Pioneer Woman.

So, just in an effort to catch up here's our week in review:

Last weekend we went home and celebrated Memorial Day with our families.  Reese got to play with both of her cousins and really had a blast. 

We played in water, both sprinklers and a pool.

Marsha, Maggie, Reese and I came back to the city as I finished up the last couple of days of school.  And then we all traveled back home to get ready for the Pepsi Tournament.

Then golf took hold of our lives for a couple of days.  I'm happy to say Dustin took 2nd place and won a ton of money.  Plus they bought their own team in the side bets called The Calcutta, I can't explain it any better than that but that made them some money too.

And now we're home.  Home Sweet Home.  I was glad to have my family all in one place, just the three of us under our own roof.  Nothing is quite as wonderful.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

I'm having some technical difficulties with my flash drive today, so stay tuned!  But Happy Last Day of School, Everyone!  I'm so glad to be done!!