Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Not for the Faint of Heart

I am going to give you the disclaimer from the very beginning. Do not read this if you are the least bit squeamish. But if you think you can handle it, keep reading, it's really pretty funny.

Tonight was Reese's first time taking a bath in the big tub at our house. We've been doing the little baby tub for a little longer than we probably should have and tonight we decided it was time to bite the bullet and just stick her in the tub. She loved it! She rolled on to her belly and "swam" around like a fish in water. It was cute to watch because she enjoyed it so much and since I could control the depth and stuff she was able to really play around in the water.

But then her face started getting red and I had the distinct impression she was bearing down(I'm sure you can imagine where this is going). And all of a sudden a little surprise joined us in the bathtub. I could hardly believe my eyes when it happened. I don't know why it suprised me so much, I know kids poop in their bathtub all the time, but I just didn't expect it to happen the first time she was in the tub. Possibly it was the relaxed atmosphere of swimming around on her tummy, perhaps she just had to go. We'll never know for sure but it sure was funny.

Luckily she was done so we just immediately picked her up, rinsed her off really well and called it good. I never drain the tub until after she's dressed (I don't want to be distracted while she's wet and slippery) so as I was cleaning her up, Dustin came in and said; "How do you plan on cleaning this little problem up?" Guess he was counting on me to do the dirty work!!! I'm sure she will appreciate this story when she is about 15 but every kid has a story they'd like to forget!

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Jenny said...


That is funny, Macy was standing outside the tub one time looking in while it was filling up with water and pooped right on the floor. Isn't being a parent fun?!