Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ready or Not

The past month has been dedicated to rest and relaxation (ha!) and preparing for Baby #2.  We have all had our share of contributions to getting ready, not the least of which is Reese's sacrifice of her Mama's energy level and lap space.  But we've managed to squeeze some fun in too.

Reese is getting a little suspicious about what exactly is going on.  For one thing, she is VERY tired of not having enough room in Mommy's lap.  She used to pick my leg up and move it so she could sit on it, now she just looks at me like, "really?" and has me sit in a V so she has room to snuggle in.  She also would really appreciate the decrease in belly circumference so she can rest her head comfortably.  But she's accomodating. 

For her baby brother, she made a couple of sock puppets.  I use the word "made" loosely here.  Mostly she squeezed the glue on and pushed eyes down on a sock.  Then when she went to bed I reglued them so they would stay.  She picked out and glued pom pons too but I did all the cutting.  I'm just not ready to turn a 2 year old loose on a pair of scissors.  They turned out great and it was nice for her to do that.  She picked out a sack and helped me wrap them all up.  I think she'll be really excited to give them to her brother but that's where the excitement will end once she learns he's here to stay.

Last weekend she helped us pack a bag for his clothes at the hospital.  Clothes flew all over the place but she eventually picked out a couple of outfits and helped me place them in the bag.  Then she removed all the socks that we own for children and unfolded them to make a long track through the house.  I really enjoyed crawling around picking all those up.

Dustin has been preparing for the new baby with expectation fatigue.  With Reese being as early as she was, we are ready to go at any time.  A ring of the phone sends him in a flurry of concern of whether or not it's go time.  Poor baby is just worn out from all the anticipation.

And me, well, I'm not complaining.  This is what I wanted.  A baby I could call term.  A baby we can bring home when it's time.  Bags are packed, registration is complete, shots are finished, and sure it's no fun to be 9 months pregnant, but I'm happy to be here with this little guy still cooking away. He'll come when he's ready.  But please oh please don't let it be in a classroom full of kids!

Ready or not we'll be having a new addition to our family very soon.  I'm excited to learn how a heart expands with love for another.  I'm excited to see the dynamic of big sister and little brother.  Daddy and son.  Will his eyes be brown or will this one have the Olinger blues?  Will he be tall like Papa Steve or the stout football build of Donnie O.?  How quick will his mouth be with hilarious one liners? I can't wait to watch him grow (and sleep through the night).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My Girl is getting more and more talkative all the time.  She comes up with the funniest pronunciations of words and it often leaves us asking for her to say it again and again or howling with laughter.  Mostly though, it just melts my heart and I wish I could bottle it all up and keep it for when she gets older.  I know I'm going to miss it.

She's also becoming quite the big sister.  She helped pack River's bag for the hospital this weekend.  She made him a sock puppet to use herself for soft play.  She also picked out the bag for him and helped us wrap it up.  She is going to be quite proud to give it to him.  (He also bought her a Mickey Mouse laptop, but it's a surprise).

She is becoming a potty training pro.  Almost no accidents at all.  (Let's pretend yesterday never happened, we had a small set back but back to it today).  And she is very proud of her Daisy underwear.

She gallops through the house as fast as she can go.  Which unfortunately also means bumps and bruises, but she's getting it.

Reese loves to know where the dogs are and what they are doing and constantly asks, Mil?  Nah? Then she gets mad at them and makes them go lay down in the "char" (chair) whenever they bother her.  Or she'll tell them "excuse me" when she wants around. 

So, two is upon us.  Attitude, sassy two.  Loving, sweet two.  I think I'll take it, although some days, I'd rather shut my head in a car door.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Hello There,
I don't know if you remember me or not but I blog here.  Or I used to.  I'm working on coming up with a schedule for myself to remember to blog more and to make myself remember stories of the little one.  But here is a picture of Reese (or Ceese as she calls herself) to tide you over until I get it together.