Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sugar and Spice

Part of having two kids is that one is constantly torn between them. Have I held my boy enough? Is the girl feeling left out? Is it okay that I'm taking this long in the bathroom? And it goes on and on and on. On this blog, I worry, did I post Reese last time or has River had the spotlight too much? Good grief it is endless. So here's a little bit of everything that makes my heart happy these days.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Reese recently began gymnastics on Tuesday afternoon. It's a class of about 7-8 3, 4, and 5 year olds or 2 if you are potty trained. My little 2 year old is the only one and let me tell you, what a difference a year makes!

My girl runs through that place like she owns it. She's so scared of a small bug that she freezes when one comes within 5 feet but throw her in a room of bars, beams and vaults filled with strange teachers and parents and she's in her element.

Tonight they ran around like various animals pretending to be alligators and monkeys. They did tuck jumps and seat drops. She walked on the high beam and jumped over cones. I was so excited to watch her do all the fun new stuff and I know she felt proud too. She did better tonight at blending in with the class and following directions, I know it has to be hard to be 2 with all the fun things to do. But for being the youngest I think she does pretty well.

River has a ball too. Tonight his favorite deer hunting buddy, Spencer was there. Spencer conked out in my lap for awhile but they shared a few winks and smiles before that. Riv had so much fun that he put off leaving by pooping all over Mommy right as we were walking out. He cleared the rest of the group out too!!

Watching my sweet girl run rampant through that place causes me a lot of worry, is she too wild? Do they give her credit for her age? But at the end of the day I love it because the kid has F-U-N!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

River at 3 months

River is 3 months old!! Okay in actuality he's closer to 4 by now but we've moved and my brain was frazzled for a few days. We are getting into the swing of small town life again. You know, not going to Quick Trip every day and when you forget something at Walmart just being screwed.
Reese started gymnastics yesterday and has been at bible school all week with so much energy and excitement by the time she gets home that she crashes into a pillow hard.
So here's a little picture of my sweet baby boy. Pictures of my religious gymnast will be coming soon! And more updates to come on adjusting to our new space are right around the corner.

Wordless Wednesday