Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Peanut Butter/Cornflake No Bake Cookies

Well, Day 1 consisted of a trip to Hyvee for all my stuff. Last night I researched recipes and wrote down ingredients I needed. I was all psyched up to make cheddar dill scones so I made sure I bought everything for that one, well all things but cream. That really annoyed me because I wanted to make those dang scones so bad I could already taste them! But I had everything I needed for the no bake cookies so I thought I'd run to the store again later to get the cream.

I've never had these cookies before. My mom isn't much of a baker either so we really never made any homemade cookies or confections. So these cookies were a little foreign to me but Dustin loves them and requested them. He might as well get what he wants now because there will probably never be a chance for him to get stuff like this again. Anyway, I digress.....

First, you have to assemble all your ingredients (or you could be halfway through scones and realize you don't have cream). Here's what you need for these no bake cookies.

Then I boiled together corn syrup and sugar (not so healthy with this double whammy).

Next comes the whole stick of butter and a cup of peanut butter melted into the sugar mixture off the heat.

Pour out 6 cups of cornflakes.

Mix together and scoop out into clumps on wax paper.

This recipe called for 50 cookies. Why is it that the recipe always calls for WAY more than what ends up being made up? Do I just make gargantuan proportions or are they just being super conservative?

They turned out delicious and Dustin was thrilled.

**On a side note, Reese has taken 2 naps already today. The kid is a sleeper. I am hoping that the aftermath of these shots will quickly be over because she was a sick little girl all night long. Let's pray she falls into somewhat of a consistent routine by the end of the week.

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