Monday, March 15, 2010

4 Month Check Up

Today was Reese's 4 month check up. I was pretty nervous after the last one, you know when they told me to have her cry it out. But we saw a different doctor this time and it was great. She weighted 13.5 pounds and was in the 33rd percentile for her weight and the 6th for her height...she's gonna be a shorty, poor thing.

She is right on schedule for her age, not even her adjusted age. She is even ahead of the curve because she is rolling from front to back which is early. I think the doctor was impressed when she put her on her tummy. She said she got an A+ for a normal 4 month old and that was even better since she was early. I was so happy when we left today.

The bummer is that she had to have shots today too. She did so great last time that I never considered that today would be different. She is running a fever right now and is very grouchy. I feel so bad for her being in pain but I am glad to know that she is coming right along and doing fantastic overall!

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