Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hip Dysplasia

Today we took the journey downtown to Children's Mercy for a sonogram on Reese's hips. She has hip dysplasia which caused her to be breech. We had our first sonogram at 6 weeks and it came up that she did in fact have hip dysplasia, no treatment was given at the time but we were in need of another sonogram around 4 months. So today we headed down to check it out again.

Let me sidetrack here and just say that Children's Mercy is one heck of a hospital. It is so nice and kid-friendly, it just makes me smile when I walk in there. I almost wish I would've had a problem when I was a kid so I could've stayed there. Is that weird?

We got inside and waited for a very long time but eventually a tech came out to get Reese, she told me to "Bring him on back." What?! Him? Him! But she caught her mistake and we headed back. She laid still for about 20 minutes while the looked and measured and took pictures. I finally asked what they saw, I didn't last time and I left feeling like I didn't know anything. This time the doctor came in so I asked a few questions.

It seems to me that she has some sort of problem in her right hip. He really didn't elaborate but she had this problem much worse in December and apparently has grown out of it now. She still has a tiny bit of a problem but they said she would grow out of that completely in a few weeks.

I am so glad this is something she will grow out of and maybe never even know about. I am also so glad for Children's Mercy. I felt so at ease and welcomed there, what a stellar hospital!!

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