Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last night Dustin said he would do anything for some chocolate chip cookies. Normally, I would've said tough luck but because of my newfound confidence in the kitchen I jumped up and looked to see if I had all the stuff. And I did! So, after clearing the smoke in the oven from the cinnamon rolls, I set out to make some yummy chocolate chip cookies.

First I looked at the recipe and gathered the ingredients. All pretty basic.

I mixed up the batter. Cookie batter is quite a bit thicker and I didn't use my wooden spoon. I was sadly mistaken by doing that because I broke my favorite spatula. Bad idea, next time wooden spoon only!!
I portioned them out, put them in the oven and waited. Now here is the key; the batter is easy enough. No big crazy secrets just dump and mix. But the key is, you have to know the EXACT minute to bring them out of the oven. Too soon makes a pile of goo and too late makes a crunchy cookie, and in my house, NO ONE likes a crunchy cookie. But this is what we got and we were very pleased.

They were perfect. I made quite a few but decided to freeze the dough for another time when we decided late at night that we needed some cookies. These were probably the best thing I made this week!!

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