Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back to School Night

Whew! What a long day! I'm exhausted but excited about the new school year. Tonight we had Back to School Night and parents came to drop off supplies and meet the teacher. I had all kinds of great kiddos in my room and some new challenges that ought to keep me on my toes this school year.

It will be an interesting year this year. This is the first time I haven't had all the "paper work" part of the job (schedules, class lists, etc) ready to go on the first day. We got two new printers this year and before they removed every other printer in the building they installed the non-working two that will be our's to use all year. Yes, you read that right. We have two printers in our building and the rest were taken out before the two were up and running. There's a possibility we could go three weeks without a printer. So the paper part of our job was lacking slightly this week and I really felt the crunch of that problem during my work day today.

But I do have to say my room looks fantastic. The bulletin boards are better than ever and it's a nice haven for kids to come to everyday. I have some great kids that I've been looking forward to having since they were in kindergarten. But new kids means leaving the old and I'm pretty sad about this fact this year. It's no secret they were my loves. They were absolutely wonderful and I really hated watching them bypass my room and head down for bigger and better prospects. I had a couple come ask me my opinion on their new teacher (don't worry, 4th grade teachers are the BEST) and ask me to please become a 4th grade teacher. And I had one bring a gift to her old teacher; that really made my day.

And so I guess it is official. I have a new class. It's a new year. To everything there is a season...

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