Saturday, August 7, 2010


Reese and I are having a battle of boundries. I set them and she is determined to break them. I don't ask for much, she can't have the computer or any electronics for that matter. I also would prefer she didn't pull on my skin and hair when I hold her. Okay, and the dog bowl is off limits too.

This week she has worked and I mean worked to defy my every rule. I really don't think it is because she finds my hair all the fascinating but because I tell her no. She is fascinated by the fact that I refuse to give her something she wants. We went through the battle of me saying "Ouch" and pulling away for a good 10 minutes before she finally stopped pulling but knock on wood, she hasn't done it since.

And the CD player, computer, cable box, oh goodness don't get me started. We have been pulling her back and distracting every minute of the last week. As soon as I get her away from it she heads right back. I know she is testing to see if I will make her move again. And I do, over and over and over. So far this morning I have moved her 8 times. 8 times.

Sure, I could move it. Sure I could put away all my valuables for the next few years but I won't. What would she learn by that? And then when she goes to someone's house? It would be a nightmare. So, slowly but surely we are having a battle of boundaries. I will win.

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Lisa said...

Yup. I hear you there. We are obsessed with the computer cords ourselves and will do our best to find them. That and mommy's phone. ugh.