Sunday, August 15, 2010

Deakan Comes to Visit

Yesterday we had the pleasure of babysitting Deakan, my nephew. He is still an itty bitty baby and so adorably small and sweet. He still makes those little squeaks and tiny cries that I kind of forgot about. (That or maybe they didn't seem "little" and "tiny" when it was my newborn making them.) He doesn't roll off the couch or try to crawl under the bed dragging baseball bats, tissue paper, and rolls of ribbon with him. He doesn't spit baby food in anyone's face or try to yank my curtains to the ground. Nor does he grab ahold of my neck and turn and squeeze or pull my hair. He was absolutely the sweetest little thing ever. He just snuggled up in his swaddle, cuddled right up to me and laid quiet and still while he learned some bad habits from his wild woman cousin. We got along beautifully, Reese really loved him and never even once acted jealous. She really wanted to "love" on him but unfortunately her "love" is a little rough for an itty bitty. I do think she was whispering bad words in his ear once when I turned my back though. We really hope we will be able to have Deakan back very soon, he was so nice to have around and although we may not be throwing away the birth control we just might look back on the newborn stage without a shudder of pain anymore. Thanks for visiting Deakan! Come back soon!!

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