Friday, December 31, 2010

A Few of my Favorite Things

While there are many perks to being a teacher, none of the least of which is the time off at the holidays. I have been able to give my little girl as much attention as I possibly have the patience for and I have really enjoyed her this break. Thus fore, creating a monster. But that's a whole other blog.....

What I did love this break was getting to spend some time with some of my favorite people. On Monday, when I came back to the city, I brought my niece, Maggie, and my sister-in-law, Halee with me. They were so full of giggles that I thought my sides were going to split open before they left. I can't say enough how glad I am that Reese has two female role models like these girls, she will always have an excellent example of strong women and I am so thankful for that.

While they were here we visited Chuck E. Cheese where I kicked every one's butt in skee ball. We ate pizza, slid in some slides and left with a pile of junk that makes kids so happy. I didn't get any pictures but I did get a video of the girls doing the Chuck E Shuffle. It was too long to download but it was very cute. I was very proud of them for having the courage to get out there.

The next day we went shopping at Oak Park Mall. Really this was just an excuse for me to go to the American Girl Doll store. But while we were there the girls made Build A Bear dolls for themselves. It was fun to watch them pick out dolls and name them and eventually settle on an outfit. They both had so much fun.
The girls and I had a great couple of days and I really can't say enough about how sweet they are.

After that, I got the privilege to spend some time in Marceline with my favorite little guy in the world, Deakan. My sister had to work most of the week so I asked if I could kidnap him one day and spend the afternoon with him. He and Reese and I hung out Thursday and we really enjoyed tickling him. Several times I caught Reese sucking her thumb with her head in his lap. He is one giggly little boy and not much phases him. He rolled with the punches and the endless attempts at snatching his pacifier and I think he had a fun day with us too. I accidentally left my camera in the car that day so I didn't get any good pictures to put on here but I promise he was as adorable as he could be.

So, when I make a list of all the things that I love, I have to count great vacation time. It makes me so happy that I can spend my break with all my favorite kiddos. Especially since they are going to get old so fast, I want to just bottle them up right now so I can remember the sweet giggles!


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