Friday, December 31, 2010

The Highlights

This is the first time I've been on a computer since Christmas morning. I haven't missed it much but I have missed the downtime it takes to sit and relax and blog. So, I apologize for missing Wordless Wednesday but I have lots to share to make up for it.

Christmas morning we wholly expected little to no reaction from our little pumpkin head. In fact, we were thinking of letting her eat breakfast first before even introducing presents. We brought her out and her eyes were like magnets to the beauty of Santa Claus. Her words exactly were, "eh?" This I translated to, "Holy Shit, Mama, is this for me?" It couldn't have been more perfect and I can't even describe how great Dustin and I felt at that moment.
After that we loaded up the car and made the trek home, arriving in Meadville first. Watching her, Halee and Maggie get so excited over there gifts was priceless. She adored her tricycle and we are really looking forward to some nice days outside so she can shoot some hoops with her new basketball goal. But Mama's favorite gift was the cheerleading outfit. She's just a few short years away from shaking it with some pom poms!

We spent the night there and got up the next day to head to my grandma's house for lunch at noon which has been the tradition for years upon years. We made a glorious mess in her living room of wrapping paper and tissue and ribbons. Having two babies to buy for made everyone's list a little more exciting. Reese got a bean bag and just loved rolling around on it. She also got a little play table that will be promptly removed from her room because she loves to climb up on it and fall off. We are DONE with that.

Next we convened at my mom's to have our Christmas with Terry's kids and grandkids. Here Reese got some amazing books, seriously, The Monster at the End of the Book really is the best one written ever. She got some cute clothes and (wait for it....) AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL!!!!! I'm not sure if that was more for her or more for me but I almost peed my pants! That was the best! Dustin informed me tonight that we should keep it in the box for the time being and that we really should let Reese be the first one to play with it. I pouted for awhile before agreeing.

There were a few downers about Christmas, nothing I'm going to get in to especially because they come at great personal embarrassment to me (can we say learn when enough is enough Lindsay?). But overall this was the very best Christmas I've had in years. I enjoyed each and every moment and I know the joy and magic is going to keep getting better. I feel so thankful for everything and I hope everyone had a very merry holiday!

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