Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tradition

Reese and I are going to start a new Christmas treat tradition next week. We are going to create a Christmas treat that is all ours. Not a hand-me-down recipe or an old favorite but a new favorite of our creation. I'm not sure yet what that will be, but I am looking forward to trying something new and starting out on our first big Christmas adventure.

While we are at it, we are also going to make a big pan of Chex Mix like my Aunt Shirley makes. I called my grandma tonight and asked her if she would call Shirley and ask for the recipe. She was just certain Shirley wasn't going to give it up but she said she'd give it a shot anyway. Grandma called just a few minutes ago, chuckling, saying that the recipe was on the box! Ha!! As if it were some secret family recipe! But I can handle that and I know my dad used to make it the same way. It just sounds like Christmas to me!

If you have a little something special that you think is worth a try, leave a comment, I'm definitely up for suggestions! I am just hoping to find a just-right recipe that people will be able to expect from our family each year.


Nova Bradfield said...

My mom and I make Rocky Road Fudge. It is the true meaning of christmas for me.

Jenny said...

Peppermint Bark is my new thing this year. It is easy, yummy and I think that kids will have fun crunching up the candy canes!

Lindsay Neal said...

Thanks, Ladies! I love both of those things!!

Passionate About Food said...

There are a number of really interesting cookies and candies at as well as You should be able to come up with some really creative treats that are not the norm!

Happy baking.