Monday, December 20, 2010

Another Christmas Tradition

Today I did something pretty brave. I took my stranger-anxiety-ridden daughter to see Santa. I knew she wasn't going to like it. And I was right.

Something in my wanted to go see Santa really bad though. It kind of feels like a kid HAS to go see Santa before Christmas. I don't really have any need to get a big fancy picture I just thought she should go see what it was all about and I really like the thought of starting another tradition.

But anyway, back to today. We got to Zona Rosa and we were behind another little family in line. It was a little boy so I strapped Reese in since she has been having a little trouble with keeping her lips to herself around boys these days. They had a little set back so they let us go on ahead in line, giving us the #1 spot. We walked in to two cute little elves and I made sure to give them a head's up that we had a screamer here. No one seemed at all surprised (they indicated that it happens a lot) and they tried to make Reese feel at ease.

I walked my dear daughter on over to the big fat guy and her grip grew tighter and tighter. And when I sat her down and walked away the screams rang through the air. It simultaneously broke my heart and made me laugh out loud. But they quickly snapped two hilarious pictures of a screaming baby and we were done. One candy cane, an elf stuffed animal and a priceless keepsake later, and we were out the door. It happened so fast I couldn't hardly believe it myself.

Now we have our first Santa picture and we can say we went. And I will forever look back at this day and laugh at that beautifully frightened face!

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