Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sick Day

My life has been wrought with sick days lately. I myself had 2 last week and today, Reese decided to call in sick as well. Maybe she didn't get the memo that I have been gone from school 4 days in 2 weeks, maybe she just didn't care. But I did.

Not to mention that taking a day when you have a sick baby feels a lot like playing hookie. Even more so than when taking one for yourself. It's bad enough thinking all day, "am I really sick enough to stay home?" "Could I have just sucked it up and went?" But when it is a sick kid and Mommy feels just fine the guilt just oozes from the pores.

Then on top of that, sub plans. Arrangements have to be made before a teacher can just walk away. Something is always forgotten or left off and then the guilt cycle repeats. So the baby's sick day just made me about sick to my stomach all day.

On a positive note, because she didn't feel the best, Reese was as cuddly as a teddy bear today. Her fever spiked pretty high at one point and all she felt like doing was laying her head on my chest. I was able to sit on the couch and enjoy my baby all afternoon. Definitely the only bonus of the day, but it was a good one.

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