Monday, September 20, 2010

Jenny and Pat

This weekend we went to an unbelievable destination wedding! We were lucky enough to be friends with the happy couple and to be a part of their big day. Jenny is a good, good friend of mine since the first day I moved to Brookfield. She showed me the ropes and I learned much more about life from her than how to navigate the hallways of good ole Brookfield Middle School.

Anyway, this weekend she married her best friend, Pat in beautiful Keystone, CO. We knew immediately that we wouldn't miss it for the world. So Thursday, we loaded up and headed out for the 12 hour drive. We drove through the night and rode into a beautiful mountain sunrise and cool temperatures.

The sights were beautiful, yellow Aspens, rocky mountains and gorgeous hardy lanscaping. There was a crisp blue sky and never one cloud to marr the view. Jenny was lucky enough to have the most beautiful canvas to compliment her lovely fall-colored wedding. We enjoyed the local food, a brewery, and a couple of local restaurants. We took a hike in the mountains. Everything was in walking distance so we could enjoy the jacket weather temperatures!

Having Colorado as a backdrop was definitely a perk of the weekend. But the best part about all of it was the reunion of friendships. We roomed with Mary, Eric, Clara, Lesley, Drew and a couple of Jenny's friends; Angela and Mike. Having some one on one time with old friends is always my favorite thing to do. Some other friends were there too and Dustin and I commented all weekend on how much we felt a part of their clan as well. It was great partying atmosphere for sure!

So as we danced the night away to Jenny's blue grass band, visited with old friends while making new ones, we can easily say this Colorado weekend was memorable. We both feel so happy to have been a part of this great weekend!

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