Friday, September 17, 2010

Good Morning!

Here is the view from our wrap around porch on our condo. I've never seen the mountains before and they are absolutely beautiful! We have many great viewing options but this was the best straight out of the camera shot I have.

We left Meadville last night at around 6:00 on our journey west. We had a caravan of 2 and a cooler full of beer. It was a fairly quick trip with 3 girls, a baby, and 3 men full of energy drinks. It would've been amazing to drive into Keystone during sunrise but we were a little early for that. But it was still pretty awesome to see the black silhouettes of the mountains.

Anyway, after a little nap, and some bacon and eggs prepared by Chefs Drew and Eric, we took our party out to the porch to enjoy the morning view. I think we'll enjoy it here.....

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Jenny said...

How beautiful. Have a great weekend~