Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hunting Shows

Do you it is only 14 days until deer bow season? I do.

Do you know that "160" constitutes a BIG deer? I do.

Do you know what Scent Blocker, Drury Outdoors, and Mossy Oak are all selling? I do.

And do you know why I know these things? Because I live with a hunter. An avid hunter. An avid-hunter who watches the Outdoor Channel like it's the Food Network. For the past month we have watched every hunting show imaginable. EVERY STINKING ONE!

I have taken up the Kardashians in response to this behavior.

Soon I will become a single mother to the woods. I will spend my weekends alone because I cannot bear to pack up the car and go home another weekend. I will probably end up throwing at least one temper tantrum due to the neglect I am feeling.

You see, my outdoorsman husband refuses to be lured into any activity outside of hunting that he is not expressly interested in. He doesn't visit friends, or come in early for a party. And if you catch him on opening weekend of gun season....well, you might as well save your invitation.

He does have one tiny little commitment falling around November 5th, however.


Lisa said...

I didn't marry a hunter, but did marry into a hunting family (i.e. In-laws go after Bambi with regularity). So I sympathize.

Lisa said...

Oh and they are operating on the mistaken assumption that my daughter will be going out with them. They are mistaken lol.