Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Fun Stuff

Reese has officially had her first step. I am so proud and excited and happy for her that I could just burst. She did it without preamble or circumstance, just took a step, realized she did and hit the deck like she made a mistake. But it wasn't a mistake because she's done it several times since. She even took 3 in a row last night. What a big girl!!

Another thing that she did that deserves mentioning was at dinnertime tonight. We had an informal dinner in front of the TV, which has never happened for Reese and she wasn't really too sure how to behave herself. I made roasted carrots and fish, both of which she loved and gobbled up faster than I could. She even tried to feed me a few bites, it was the sweetest thing. But when I cleaned up and put everything away, I guess she decided that she wasn't quite done with dinner yet so she went to the kitchen, opened a cabinet and pulled out a can of green beans. She brought them all the way to the living room, handed them to me and cried until I opened them and let her have some. She then proceeded to shove them in her mouth by the handful. I guess the girl loves to eat or something!

Reese also has made a friend. It's not a new friend, but an old one, if you could call 14 month old girls' friends "old." But my dear friend, Nova, has a daughter going to the same babysitter as Reese. Her daughter and Reese just love each other so much and they have been doing a lot of giggling at lately. Reese has even picked up on some of Ramona's sign language and used it at home. Last night Ramona told her mother that Reese was her friend and that they have a party. It warmed our hearts and we swore they will be friends forever. Maybe we should get them half heart necklaces to wear too. Sweet girls.

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