Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day and a Bowl Game

Today was a snow day in our neck of the woods. I really didn't want a snow day but I guess since our last day of school is pushed up to the 20th anything will seem early from the day before June release we had last year. And when I saw outside I realized I really didn't want to drive in it anyway.
We got about 6 inches at my last observation but that was a couple of hours ago and it's snowed quite a bit more since then.

Reese and I took the opportunity to hang out all day long, as if we had a choice, but we read and we read and we read. She's kind of at this age where she wants to read the story over and over. I probably read Farmer Joe and the Music Show 17 times. I finally put it up on the top shelf, I'm hoping she forgets about it.

I also realized that when Dustin is gone some of these jobs really suck. Taking out the trash for one thing, sucks. Filling up my car with gas; it sucks too. But there is no comparison for how much shoveling the driveway sucks. It sucks a lot. And I had to do it because some random guy came by wanting to shovel and I told him my husband would be home later to do it and I didn't want him to get any thoughts in his head about a lady down the street without a husband at home to shovel her walk.

Today is also the big Tostitos Bowl Game with Auburn playing Oregon. We are big Auburn fans in our household, and our good friend, Jerad along with his brothers, got Reese some fun Auburn apparel that we tried on today. Here is a picture of Reese with her Auburn gear on and her talking Auburn cheerleader that yells, Let's Go XX Let's Go! She loved it and she just wanted to make sure Jerad knew she was saying War Eagle for him tonight!


Brunch at Saks said...

Wow- so much snow!!! It looks beautiful! I am jealous. And your little on is just gorgeous! xoxo

Brunch at Saks said...

Oops- little one**

Lindsay Neal said...

We got enough snow to double that of the picture, I just can't believe the snow! But I guess it's back to school tomorrow.:(