Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reminders of a Great Day

Tomorrow is Reese's baptism. I am very excited about this and have been going through lots of preparation. We took a class (which was interesting I might add). We have been cooking and cleaning and doing piles of dishes. We've cleaned until I want to lay my head down and cry (see Tired Tuesday for more on that).

But the good part of that is that now I am always going to have this memory of the day she was baptized. Good, bad or otherwise it will always be a day that is part of her history. A big day for her even though she will never remember it. Which makes me want to create reminders for all of us of it all. So, I took a few pictures of the things that remind me of my own baptism and a couple of things to remind her of her own.

First, her dress. It was a beautiful little handmade dress I found on the internet and I just couldn't resist it. It is far from traditional but definitely perfect for a late June day. And it was a special gift from her Grammy and I know she will look back at how beautiful it is.

Next, her bracelet. Again, another special gift. This from my Grandma, who was most excited to get her something pretty to wear on her special day. She can't be here and we are really going to miss her, but she will be with us in spirit and I know I will always be reminded of her when I see this bracelet.

And finally a few of my own little things. The first is the cross I got as a gift for my baptism that I really love. The next is a crystal pitcher from my own Godmother, Marcia, who I reference in another blog as well. She received one for her own baptism and then gave me one too. I am so glad to be able to use it tomorrow, it's very lovely and definitely perfect for a special occasion. And finally a painting I made for Reese to commemorate her big day. It's not much but a special little reminder that we were thinking of her.

Tomorrow we will have a special day for Reese, it will be marked with family and some special friends. We will be busy talking and eating too much and hopefully enjoying the nice weather. But one day when we are quietly looking through some old things we will cross the path of these sentimental reminders and smile at the reminder of Reese's baptism day!

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