Monday, June 28, 2010

Peace, Love & Baby


This baby of mine makes my life light up. She laughs and giggles and I come running. She plays with her toes and sticks out her tongue. She blows raspberries like it is her job. She puts her head on my shoulder when she gets up from a nap and falls asleep in the car. She loves to be read to and feel on the pages. These little things add up to one thing.


How could anyone not love this little girl? This girl is my pride and joy. I watch videos of her hour after hour and laugh and cry and feel so much pride. I feel the Mama-Bear come rising to the surface during times of distress and I know what it feels like to want to throw yourself face first in to danger just to protect the Michelin Tire Man Legs. I look at her face and my cup runneth over. Motherhood is the greatest of all journeys. And a journey it is, it is not all heart-two-sizes-too-big kind of adoration. It is laundry and dirty faces. It is screaming and sleepless nights. But it is beautiful and perfect in an imperfect way.


And speaking of ....a girl could use a little peace once in awhile. There are so many rewards to being the Mommy; but when you find yourself needing a break when you wake up in the morning, only to be spit up on, screamed at, and shoved away by an unhappy, un-napping, teething baby, you begin to think about what peace really is. Peace can take on many forms. It can be a day at the spa, a mani/pedi, or a simple head scratch by your husband. It can be a 5 Star Restaurant, a candlit dinner for two, or a Happy Meal. It can be a quiet mountainside at dawn, and meditative sunset or a book on tape. But the important thing is; don't forget about the peace. Peace makes the love stronger. It makes the happy happier. And it makes the Mommy feel better.

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