Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Applesauce, Veggies, and a side of Meltdown

Tonight was an off night. Reese and I went to the pool and she fell asleep on the way home. I let her sleep but she ended up sleeping too long and was out until 5:00. She woke up crying so we cuddled and changed her diaper. I rocked her and so did her dad but she was grouchy. So we did what any normal parents would do in the same situation we decided to stuff out the crying with food.

As I got it ready she screamed and screamed. She screamed until I was ready to put my own head down and scream. But I pushed on and got some of the food in her mouth. At first glance, it worked. She thought to herself, ahhhhh; food. But that's when she realized that it wasn't food; it was the dreaded green mixed veggies and she wasn't havin' it.

She cried and cried and I stuffed and stuffed her mouth full of food. I learned a lesson today. If a baby is crying too hard to swallow, don't fill her up with green stuff. You will end up wearing it. All of it. But I stupidly hoped that food would cure her sadness especially when I diluted it with applesauce. This was not the case. We both ended up putting our head down and crying. It was one nasty meltdown on our behalf.

But I swallowed hard, put on my happy face and wiped us up. I picked my baby up and sang her a song and danced her around the kitchen. I let her chew on her washcloth and put her down in the bumbo to watch me cook dinner. All this while Dustin was at Walmart....and he thought he was getting the raw end with a 5:00-in-the-afternoon trip.

So, lesson learned. Sometimes the baby just needs her mommy to shake it off and give her a little love. Sometimes the mommy needs to put her head down and cry. But never ever stuff a mad, teething baby with green baby food if you aren't sure it will be swallowed.

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Lisa said...

My first reaction is LOL. My second is, I relate. I think that's why my first reaction is to laugh. Sorry you two had a rough night. ((Hugs)) We are having one of those days ourself.