Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Kiddie Pool!

Sunday I was bound and determined to buy Reese a pool. I had to have one immediately, so I did what every mother on a search for her child does, I went to every store I knew of to get one! Luckily for me I found one on my second try....Wal-Mart really does have everything.

Monday I woke up ready to get in that little, yellow pool. So, at 6 AM, Reese and I were outside filling it up (I wanted it to get warm enough to be comfortable). We kept ourselves busy for awhile, Reese took a little nap so she wouldn't be fussy, and then we got ready for the pool!

She was a vision in polka dots and we had a great time splashing around. She finally is able to sit up on her own so it was perfect timing for her to sit in the warm water and play. She loves to get wet and kick her legs so we did that too. But her VERY favorite thing is to get squirted in the face with her toys with her tongue sticking out so she can "drink" the water (I was not okay with this considering I didn't put a diaper on her since we were in our own easy-to-clean pool).

As much fun as we had, we did have one tired little girl last night. She was in bed passed out by 6:30. But I will never forget how much fun it was to watch her splash and play. And how cute she was with her milk belly hanging out of her polka dot suit!

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Jenny said...

I LOVE the suit! Stop by my blog, I have something for you!