Monday, June 7, 2010

An Award!!!

My friend Jenny just nominated me for a blogging award! Yay! I am so excited about this! She wrote a description of my blog telling her readers to; "beware, there is one adorable baby on there." That really made me smile, I'll take any award that has to do with how beautiful my baby is! (EXCEPT a baby show....there will be a whole other blog on that topic one day........)
So anyway, here are the rules of the award. I must pass the award on (if I nominate you, just copy and paste the award to your page and follow the same rules!) and I must tell you 10 things about me that you didn't know before....that should be interesting.

Here are some wonderful blogs I must nominate:

1. Ramona and her Mother It is beautifully written and usually I learn a lesson.

2. Sunshine in the House: Another beautiful blog about a creative mom and her family's fun adventures.

3. The Kingz: a family's journey of new motherhood and dealing with the stresses of a preemie.

4. Big Girls Small Kitchen: A Quarter Life Cook sharing her social life and the food that goes with it! They're also getting ready to publish a book, check them out for some yummy food!

5. The Kazmaier's: A phenomenal photographer and her crazy adventures with 3 kids!

Now for the juicy details of my so called life:

1. I don't really like when people send me flowers, I think they can be wasteful. But if someone sent me some peonies I sure wouldn't turn them away!

2. I love a well-picked out card. There is something about someone standing around in an aisle reading all the cards and picking out the perfect card that sounds like me makes me smile and feel so special.

3. I love writing this blog and taking pictures. But I also feel a little narcissistic talking about myself all the time.

4. Having the windows open letting sunlight come through the house is one of my favorite things. My allergies really prevent this but I still love it.

5. I used to hate when people would get lazy and say "your mom and dad" when they were talking about Terry. But now I love it and feel really proud when he introduces me as his kid.

6. Old '80s movies turn me into a sucker. Cocktail, Adventures in Babysitting, Dirty Dancing, I just love them all.

7. I love The Pioneer Woman Cooks, cookbook. It has great pictures and I love her stories!

8. I do NOT enjoy reality TV. I'm sure you are all ready to throw tomatoes at me for this, but I just usually end up getting so embarrassed for the ass they are making of themselves that I have to turn the channel.

9. Watching Reese on the Jumperoo is 20 times better than TV!

10. I think google is the finest invention of the technological age.

Thank you, Jenny for making my day! I am so excited about you thinking my blog is beautiful!

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