Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Pookie

Last week I paid a visit to my school's library. Usually I just stand around and monitor behavior but for some reason I started looking through the books...I know, novel idea, Lindsay. Anyway, I got to looking at some titles that I loved as a kid, The Napping House, Jumanji, Nancy Drew, The Song and Dance Man, I could do this for hours. And I know, I know, it's the teacher in me, but I got excited. And then my mind started flooding with titles of books that I wanted to read to Reese RIGHT THEN. And then I got giddy. And I couldn't help but want to share with her every single good book I had ever read. I pictured stack after stack of hard backs with colorful pictures and captivating words. My head was overwhelmed with ideas.

So okay, Reese can't read. Nor can she really appreciate a good piece of literature or great illustrations. But I can do a lot to work on building the foundation for the future. And tonight we went to Mid-Continent. She has a bajillion books in her room but once I took a glance at all the board books it was downhill from there.

I found tons of great books for her and when we got home I broke them out to see if I could get her to be still long enough to read one or two. I must've done a great job picking because we didn't read one, or two, or even 3, but 7! 7 Books! She loved them and was so excited. She looked at each page and talked to them. Her favorite author is now Sandra Boynton. We had the best time cuddling up and checking them out.

I hope to instill my love of books on to my little pookie. I can't wait until she falls in love with the American Girls or finds the true magic that is Harry Potter. But you have to start somewhere and tonight, it was Sandra Boynton and Pajama Time!, Let's Dance, Little Pookie, and Night-Night Little Pookie. It did my heart good that she was so captivated by the pictures and found so much pleasure in the words of each story. I don't know what will happen when she gets older but for now she loves them and if it means I have to go to the library every single week for the rest of my life I will do what it takes to create a reader.

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Mary said...

We have "What's Wrong Little Pookie." Very cute books!