Friday, April 9, 2010


Someone told me today that being part of family means being part of something bigger than yourself. Of course I knew that but sometimes when someone says something out loud during a time when you need to hear it most it makes the most perfect sense.

Starting our new tiny little family has been the blessing I have always wanted. I love being someone's Mommy. When she hurts I hurt and when she is happy I am too. I love to hear her giggles and see the smiles and that's what makes the cries so sad. She is more a part of me than my own hands and feet. We are a bigger part of a whole and it makes my heart feel two sizes too big sometimes with all of it.

I am so very lucky to have all of the blessings I do. I have a husband who is at the store buying me the beer I so desperately need tonight. I have a girl who thinks I am hilarious (which I most certainly am not). There are endless amounts of things that ensure that I will always be set in the loved and needed department. So today, instead of wallowing in the annoyance of this week I will be glad of the choice I have to be someone's loving mommy and someone's dedicated wife. I will be glad that I love someone and that they love me back and that I am a part of something much bigger than myself.

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