Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

I am looking forward to Easter so much this year. Mostly because I love walking through the stores looking at the egg dyeing kits and the cute baskets knowing that next year Easter is going to be so much fun. I really think the egg dyeing activity will be a little lost on the audience this year.

But one thing I can do to get in the holiday spirit is dress my poor kid up in Sunday finest and prop books and bunnies around her to make her look like she's really in to it.

Another reason I'm looking forward to Easter is because I really worked hard to make better habits this lent. I gave way more to charities than a dollar a day and I really enjoyed looking up places to donate to. I feel like Easter this year is celebrating my change of heart of what giving should look like.

Easter is many things, it's a time to celebrate sacrifice, a time to celebrate spring, to celebrate new life. And if there is one thing I am up for celebrating; it's new life!!

So, Happy Easter from my little bunny to your's!!

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Andi B. said...

She is absolutely precious. You are the cutest mommy ever!! Hope you & your family had a WONDERFUL Easter!!