Wednesday, May 25, 2011

whew, that was a close one...

Today, our school district called for all of us to take shelter from the storm.  Nothing says panic like the school's administrative assistant getting on the intercom screeching to take cover immediately. 

Take cover we did.  For an hour and a half.  Let's just set the scene.  There were 7 classes of approximately 20 students (140 kids) in a hallway for an hour and a half in a crawl position.  Hands and knees, dead silent, head's covered.  For an hour and a half.  No one could use the bathroom, they missed their lunch time, and they were scrunched like sardines.  And did they whine about it?  You betcha.  But they also rose to the occasion.

There were many tears and fearful students.  There were many tears and fearful teachers too.  Our babies were out there.  Our cell phones had no service.  It was a scary day.

But one thing about a crisis, people stick together.  There were tears but there were lots of hugs too.  There were lots of comforting pats on the back and kind words.  I heard a woman quoted on the news saying (about Joplin), "it's just amazing to me how the people come together."  Honestly, it doesn't amaze me at all.  People care about one another.  People want to help.  People will reach out and help when the chips are down.  It would surprise me if they didn't. 

So, as we watch the tornadoes devastate communities and we see people band together to gather supplies and make donations, remember how they must feel.  Put yourself in the position of losing so much and how the good of people makes all the difference.  Look up the Red Cross and make a donation (text Red Cross to 90999), donate blood, throw a package of diapers in a bin to help a baby in need, do whatever comes to your mind when you think of helping your fellow man. 

And if for no other reason, do it because it would surprise me if you didn't.

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