Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Library

I love to go to the library.  Mostly because they have free books there.  But they also have great recommendations.  I especially like their reading programs and fun stuff for kids.  Reese is going to sign up for their summer reading program and we will probably hit up a lot of story hours this summer since she is a little older.

Last night we made a trip to kill some time before bed.  I had lost my card and Reese's books were getting boring so off we went.  We got a new card and then we went back to the children's section to browse.  Reese was in heaven!  She looked at books, she played with the stuffed animals, she put together a puzzle, it was the best.  Until.....

Oh yes, until.  There is always an until when one has a toddler.  And here is mine.  Reese was great until she very publicly pooped her pants.  Publicly.  Loudly.  Turning the head's of strangers.  She turned red-faced and grunted right there in the children's section.  People on the computers kept looking over at her because she was so loud.  I could've sunk into the floor. 

Since we were just quickly running to the library, I didn't bring a diaper bag.  That was a smart move.  So I quickly got our books, ran out the door and cleaned her up at home.  All was well, I just will never forget the night my kid pooped at the library.

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Gabby said...

Oh wow! K, first of all, I love the library! It made me smile to think of your lil daughter being a reader, how great. And then she pooped. LOL amazing.