Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday was Rock Star Day at school.  We are having a Science Week and yesterday we were celebrating the rock cycle.  So Rock Star attire it was.  It was so much fun seeing the different interpretations of what a Rock Star meant to everyone.  Apparently, my version of a Rock Star was a little on the Cyndi Lauper side.  But I can't help it if I think black eyeliner, dangly earrings, big hair and a C.F.M. boots represent Rock Stars.  To make a long story short, I looked a little wild. 

In my wild rock representation style, I stopped off at Hallmark to get cards for all my loved ones for Mother's Day.  I felt a little ridiculous and I wanted to scream, "Don't worry, I'm teaching your children in this getup!"  But I didn't. 

Apparently Rod's Hallmark is having a gigantic 40% off sale.  The store was stripped completely clean of Mother's Day cards.  Not a one in the place.  I'm a card person and I was pretty bummed because I knew I'd never make it to another Hallmark to get cards in time to get them mailed for Sunday.

So here's my card.  It is my favorite poem and I think it makes a lot of sense with a lot of people and situations.  It's beautiful and it sums up the sentiment of mothers.  We carry our children's heart with us.  Wherever we go, we are never alone because there they are filling us with love and happiness.  We smile at the thought of their sleepy heads at bedtime and their little diaper butt running for blankies.  We melt at their smiles and giggles and do everything in our power to get them to laugh over and over.  When kids get older mother's roles change, they become friends.  But a mother is always a source of comfort, big or small, and they always carry the hearts of a child in theirs. 

To all the mothers I know, Happy Mother's Day.
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