Monday, May 23, 2011

That Face!

Reese has a new face.  It's a Holy Cow, this is AWESOME! face.  Her eyes grow big and her mouth rounds into an O.  She looks just stunned.  It's adorable.  It's part of her new, "I'm hilarious" stage.  And oh boy is it a fun one.

She is intent on getting the most bang for her buck on making people laugh.  She comes up to us and play hits us and then cracks up at herself.  You can just hear her saying, "gotcha!"  She splashes in the tub and then cackles.  Her laughter is infectious. 

She does many things, oftentimes without ever knowing how funny she is.  She picks up her baby, kisses her and then launches her into the baby crib.  I hope that's not modeling for what she thinks we do to her.  Or maybe I hope she does think that.  That no baby should go to bed without a kiss, that wouldn't be such a bad thought. 

Reese goes around the house slamming down toilet seat lids.  She feeds the dogs 1 dog food chunk at a time.  She tries to diaper her babies and wipe herself during her own changes.  She likes to sit in the driver's seat of a car and pretend to drive us around.  And she loves babbling away on anything that even remotely looks like a phone.

We bang drums, play the recorder.  We read books and watch The Fresh Beat Band.  We hit balloons around the house and play make up.  Each sweet thing is more fun than the last but that face, that sweet surprised look, well that makes all the fun times even better.

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