Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Funnies

I don't have a lot of funny moments this week.  Mostly because this week sucked.  With tornadoes and an absentee husband, not to mention the tantrums Reese began this week and the exhaustion of the end of the year, well you get the point.  Here are a few things that are cracking me up right now.

1.  Reese loves to play with lotion.  A squirt or ten at a diaper change is one life's greatest pleasures. Today she opened the bottle, squirted a little and got a face full.  She laughed an evil little laugh and then said, "o-shay" which is "okay" in baby language but the way she got so excited it came out suspiciously like "oh shit."  And I thought that was very appropriate for the situation.  And she probably has heard that a time or two these days.

2.  I went to check on her the other night before I went to bed.  I looked in and put her blanket over her and she stirred, rolled over and then cut a big toot.  It was so funny that I had to run out of the room to keep from waking her up with laughter.

3.  This week I fell down at school.  I have a chair with rolling wheels and I leaned over to grab a paper from my counter.  The wheels got away from me and I ended up flat on the floor with my feet in the air.  A kid came over and said, "who, Mrs. Neal, one minute you were sitting there and the next all I saw were two feet in the air."  He asked how I was and then said, "sorry, but that was funny."  I bet it was if kids laughed, they're usually very kind in those situations.

4.  We obviously had to duck and cover the other day.  One of the teachers, trying to pass the time, said, "Count backwards from 100 and then it should all be over."  I leaned to her and said, "or they could say their alphabet backwards so they can practice up for DWIs later."  Totally innappropriate but we laughed about that all day.

Well, it's almost the weekend.  Hallelujah for a long weekend and only two more days of school.  Have a great Memorial Day, Everyone!


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Great stories! We have had a lotion disaster at our house before, so I'm always a little worried to leave it down.

Thankfully, I'm assuming you weren't wearing a skirt during your fall.

The Princess and the Tot said...

Super Tot loves lotion, too! You inquired a week or so ago about the washcloths on one of my posts, as well as the paint I use. The washcloths were purchased at Babies R Us 2 years ago, but if you click on the RAINBOWS tag on my sidebar, you will find my original post with a link to where you can get them online. As for paints, I just use regular acrylic paints - no special brand or anything. Happy Memorial Day!