Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Food

I love Thanksgiving just for the food alone. I love, love, love dressing, stuffing, whatever you may call it, I love it. I'm not a stuffing snob, I like it right out of the box, but also doctored up with apples or corn or whatever. Last year, with Reese being so little and with it being cold and flu season, we decided to stay home and celebrate with anyone who wanted to join us. It was nice not to travel. But it was not nice missing my Grandma's stuffing.

This year I am excited to help her make it. I am hoping that she just lets me do it so I can know EXACTLY what she does. Then I am hoping to know what to do to make it from now on. I have tried and failed in the past so maybe just maybe this will be my year. I can't wait.

There are many other foods I enjoy at Thanksgiving. Creamed peas, mashed potatoes, frozen cranberry salad, the topping on my mom's sweet potatoes. I could go on all day. I can hardly contain my excitement of eating all the yummy stuff. And if she's anything like me, Reese is going to be pretty excited too. If she's one thing, it's an eater. But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree on that one.

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Sarah said...

girl i love thanksgiving more than any other holiday i think! i dont even waste time on the turkey...i'm all about the sides!