Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thursday night we went to see Miranda Lambert. We both really love her so when Dustin had the opportunity to get tickets to see her for our anniversary we just couldn't pass it up. And my goodness are we glad we went!

We had a great time, right down to every last detail. Our tickets were general admission so we were standing only a few feet from the stage. Eric Church was just great. He sings a lot of songs we love too so it was kind of a two for one deal. But the best thing of all was Miranda. She was just fabulous. Her microphone stand was a shotgun, which was pretty cute and she had a pink guitar. She threw out her guitar pick one time and guess who got it? US!! A girl right by us almost kicked Dustin, she was sooo mad!

Overall, it was a fun night. We enjoyed having some time to ourselves, especially seeing such a great show. And if you ever get the chance, go see her, she is like phenomenal!

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Jenny said...

She is adorable. Glad you guys got a night out!!!