Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reese's Birthday Week: Day 3

Something I adore about Reese is her love for dogs. Now this love can be a little arbitrary, there are times when those dogs really piss her off, but mostly she loves her brothers and all other dogs she comes in to contact with. She loves to drop food on the floor just for them and she loves to grab ahold of their jowls and really give them a squeeze. She is learning how to make the sign for doggie and how to pet "nicely." This morning she reached out to give Elisha's dogs and little pat on the nose. She doesn't seem to mind all the dog hair she eats or the howling at all hours of her sleep cycle. What she DOES mind though is getting kicked in the face from a sneezing dog gone out of control and she doesn't much care for a lick in the face. But in all honesty, who does?

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