Friday, November 12, 2010

I Guess she Could do Worse

Today, my very dear friend, Nova and I had one of our little mini-chats that we do so often. We have a 6th sense when the other needs a couple of minutes with a listening ear. We talk about doctor's appointments and baby haircuts. We talk about discipline and our girls' friendship and we share books that are excellent reads. We gave each other support when our babies wouldn't sleep and when things weren't perfect in our job. We have quite a wide-range of discussion topics and we usually end up talking longer than we probably should being the busy teachers we are but all the same, we enjoy our chats.

Back to today. As I was leaving she said something along the lines of; it's okay to be nice to your baby, being nice shows them how to be nice and they're going to be good girls.

Hmmm, I thought, I guess Reese could do worse....

So then I thought more about that. She really could do worse. There are worse people in this world than those who hold their baby too much or comfort them when they are sad. There are worse people than those who walk quicker to the milk cup when their baby screams. Or than those who would let their baby have 3 fruit cups for dinner because she loves them so much.

It's easy to end up loving your child too much and wanting to give them everything. It's easy to want to dry every tear and fix every hurt. And it's easy to be the shelter in a storm a little too often. When I do a mirror check, I see a mom who wants to show her daughter love and support. Someone who wants to inspire empathy and a giving heart. So I guess she really could do a lot worse.

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