Friday, October 22, 2010

Who Dat?

These Nawlin's people, they lead a different life then little ole me. I saw a billboard that read: "You can call mama'n'em for less." For real. They put "Who Dat?" on every T-shirt that comes out of this place. There are billions of Saints jerseys, beads, signs, really anything in your wildest imagination there. This place is just unreal.

And I highly recommend a visit if you like the smell of B.O. and urine.....just sayin'.....

But in all honesty, this has been an amazing week. I've never been to such an eye opening conference. I've learned so much from the work of Richard and Becky Dufour on Professional Learning Committees that I'm incredibly excited to get back to school to share all my good stuff with my friends there. We had a really good team meeting to discuss how we want to go forth with our information and I really think that we will be making some good changes at our school.

At night we were able to go eat and see the sights of Nawlins. There are tons of great places to eat that are not chains. We dined on shrimp, fish, po-boys and tons of chicken. We were able to walk the river walk, ride their trolley, eat some pralines, and buy a couple t-shirts. But most of all we sucked up the culture of the French Quarter.

I fully plan to get some pictures uploaded and make a synopsis of my trip for you but right now I am sitting on the floor of the airport so I will just share a snapshot of my trip. I tried more, but the signal is pretty shoddy. I would also like to add here that of all the places one goes, and all the things a person can see, there is nothing like the feel of a bed from home, and there is nothing better than the face of a beautiful baby.

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