Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reese's Birthday Week: Day 1

In honor of Reese's birthday on Friday, I will be posting a picture of her each day with something I love about her. Feel free to comment about her too!!
One of the best things about Reese is that she is cuddly. She loves to snuggle up with me on the couch and play or she lays her head on our shoulder when she is feeling shy. She conks out in our lap while she rests her hand on our chest (similar to the picture). She could sleep for hours just cuddled right up to us. Sometimes she will halfway wake up and look around and see that she is being held and cuddled tight. She always meets my eye and lays her head back down. I like to think she is thinking, "oh, it's Mom, thank goodness, I can go back to sleep now." Our cuddle time is one of the best things about her, I just LOVE it!

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