Sunday, October 3, 2010

A few Things about our Weekend

Can we just say: Separation Anxiety? Wow! That kid is going through a phase in a major way! We traveled to Brookfield/Meadville this weekend and Reese wasn't quite sure about all the people we saw. We hadn't been home for quite awhile so she wasn't used to all the faces, even the faces of the people who love her most. This I know is pretty typical but stranger anxiety is still a new revelation in Baby Reese's world. That child hung on to my shirt for dear life, she wrapped her legs around me as tight as they would hold and she cried anytime she was separated from me with more than a five foot radius. But the good news of this was she was extra cuddly and extra sweet with her head on my shoulder. It's nice to be loved.

We also were very excited to see Deakan, my nephew. He is getting so big already but he is becoming cuter by the day. His hair is starting to come in and it looks like it is going to be pretty light. He's really filling in and his adorable little outfit just made him look like a hunk! I am looking forward to seeing him a lot in October.

While we were home we also attended the wedding of an old friend. While we sat there a special friend of mine walked in. He is a friend with Down's Syndrome and there was a time when we spent a lot of time hanging out. I miss him very much and I almost never see him nowadays so when he walked in I saw him look over and recognize me. He kept glancing back to see if I was still there so I walked over to introduce Reese to him. He hadn't seen me for awhile and he was a little shy but I could tell he was happy to see me. Almost as happy as I was to see him.

As a little sidenote on my friend, I have a great story about him. When we were younger (he and I are the same age), I tried to teach him to say "I Love Mommy" for Mother's Day. I kept saying to repeat what I say. I would say, "I" and he would repeat, "Love" and he would repeat, but at the end he always ended up saying "Linsseey!" He never did learn to say I love Mommy but every time I said "I Love" he would end it with "Linsseey!" Nothing ever made my day quite like that. It was good to see him this weekend and I was glad to introduce my baby to such a good friend.

Overall it was a good weekend. Both of us our beat tonight. And we have several more to go this month. But, it's fall and hunting season, so if I'm going to be a hunting widow I might as well be around family!

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