Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Things to do with Mom

I just read the title of this cute little book in the preschool Scholastic Book Club flyer. It is called Things to do with Mom. It has my attention.

I am in constant search of fun things to do with Reese. Lately we have been trying to make things. For example I made her a drum filled with beans so when she rolls it the beans shake all around but she can still pound on it. We made a texture necklace with lots of fabrics for her to feel on. She's not really too big on painting because what goes on her hand goes in her mouth and paint is just a bad idea but we've done a couple of painting projects lately too.

But I am always wanting to know of something else fun to do. I think this book sounds like it is right up my alley. I want little ideas and hints about fun stuff to do. I know right now we can't do a lot, but we will someday be able to make cookies or have tea parties and I don't want to come up short on fun things to do. So, this post is two-fold. One, I wanted to share the fun book I saw (and by the way they have one for dad too). And two, I wanted to beg, borrow, and steal any fun ideas you might have to pass along. Crafts? Projects? Activities? Extra awesome books? Sure! Send them my way!!! I'll do them and then tell you how it went!

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