Thursday, May 27, 2010

Last Days of School

As the last day of school approaches this year, I am feeling a little bittersweet.

I am bitter to leave the best class I've ever had. They have been with me through some big events in my life. First, my wedding. They were so excited for me and they just thought it was pretty great. Then, it was pregnancy. I can remember throwing up in the trash can and them shouting over (as they continued to work) "oh it's just Mrs. Neal throwing up again!". They were there when I came back to work and cried all day. And they have been so much fun to watch grow. We have so much mutual respect for each other and I am appreciative of the hard work they put in for me each day. I hate to see them leave to become 4th graders. I hope they remember to say please and thank you. I hope they remember to be a good friend. And I hope they remember to come visit most of all.

But I am also feeling sweet this year to get home for summer. It's been a long, hard year. We've had our noses to the grindstone doing good work for students. But now I get to stay home with my beautiful baby girl all summer long. We have library story times planned, an American Girl Doll Tea Party to go to, and possibly a membership to the Gladstone pool to buy. We are going to cuddle and laugh and learn to sleep until 7:00!! It's sweet because I know the teaching won't stop when I leave here tomorrow. I'll be teaching a new curriculum but it's for the best student I know.

So, here closes another chapter of my career. Best of luck to my best class ever! It will be a long time before another replaces you!

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